MHS and ST14 Gasket Retrofit Plus | MasterHarp

This service includes:

Advanced alignment pattern machined into table top.
Advanced pattern 7.5 - 8.0 quick-change 3MM silicon gasket (1)
Brass round head reed plate / gasket alignment pins (4)
Stainless steel gasket / table alignment pins (3)
Solid rubber feet installed to bottom of table and hold down post (5)
Draw tube assembly comprised of...
    Two foot (60CM) Norporene hose (1)
    Ergonomic mouth piece (1)
    Spring for kink resistance / control (2)
Base clean, buff and resealing
Inplace valve inspection and cleaning
Repair or replace hold down pin collars

Please keep the following in mind when shipping:

Tables are fragile, please pack with extreme care as Masterharp will not be held responsible for damage in transit.
Please ship tracked and insured, Masterharp will not be responsible for table lost in shipping.
Repair and return shipment of your table my take up to two weeks depending on work load.
We ship to EU, US, AUS and NZ, shipping to other locations my incurr additional shipping fees
Purchasers from these more difficult to ship to locations will be held for those fees.

Additional repairs will be evaluated and considered as needed, an estimate will be provided for your consideration.

This upgrade only applies to the Masterharp USA ST14 and the original Masterharp Sweden tuning tables.

If you have questions please Contact Masterharp directly.


ST15 with ST14 and MHS Table in Background