GASKET: 1.5MM Standard 7.5 - 8.0 CC for Single Tuning Table | MasterHarp

GASKET: 1.5MM 7.5 - 8.0 Center to Centers for Single Tuning Table

This is a thin gasket with the 7.5 and  8.0 center to center standard slot profile. Use this to create a larger air space to accomodate lower tuned plates. It can also be used with the channeled adaptor plate.

Use this gasket to put you a little closer to the table top on older models of the tuning table where the table is fully slotted. It can also be used to put you further away on newer models when used on top of the three millimeter gasket. Additionally it can also be used with the channeled adapter plate (CAP) to give more depth and sealing. Conveniently it can simply be spun around to shift from Hohner (7.5) to Seydel (8.0).