CHANNELED ADAPTER PLATE 3MM for SINGLE Table - Hohner (7.5) to Seydel (8.0) | MasterHarp

Use this 3MM thick 3D printed durable adapter on your standard 7.5 MM center to center table to better channel air to Seydel reed plates, 8.0 center to center. It works the other way around if you happen to have an 8.0 center to center base.

This adapter plate also provides 1.5 MM additional clearance for tuning lower reed plates. Simply place the adapter under the silicone gasket and you are good to go.

It comes with a set of longer pins to accomodate deeper relation to base and raised reed plate.

For better sealing under the plate you might consider the 1.5 MM single gasket. That gasket can also be used on top of the adapter to bring the reed plate closed to the base.

The hole pattern on this plate will work with any Masterharp USA SINGLE table.

This unedited video here will give some idea as to its use and construction. 
(Give it a few seconds to get going... no sound)